This arrived on Saturday. A chocolate cake packed in styrofoam! What a sweet surprise from Aunt and Mum, who when I phoned and thanked her, cruelly reminded me of my age and wanted me to start mapping out my life plan.


The orchid was left outside the door early on Monday morning. What a thoughtful gesture from the girls to pick a present to remind me of home! They are lovely and I put them in the living room upstairs on my freshly painted mantelpiece and fireplace. It also came with a blue soft toy which R and I squabbled over the identity till we got some sense to read the tag which said “Blue Hippo”.

I had a few pretty cards and well-wishes from his family, and can you beat this – a blank cheque from R! Woo hoo I’m laughing all the way to the bank! Alright, not. It’s for me to fill in the amount for my yoga lessons starting this week. So romantic right? What to do? Gotta keep fit now that age is catching up on me.

Still, I had a lovely day!

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7 Comments on “Surprise!”

  1. estique Says:

    ur mum packed a CAKE????? cake can send by post???

  2. felia Says:

    whoaa, cake!! i’m surprised it can be sent through…the orchids are really beautiful…

  3. tintedglasses Says:

    estique and felia: my family ordered the cake through a British gift company, not from Singapore lah!

  4. estique Says:

    ORHHHHH.. hee

  5. classroomsandpopcorns Says:

    Mothers … love to hate them but can’t do without them…

  6. Annabel Says:

    happy belated birthday! hope all is going wonderfully there 🙂

  7. […] orchid plant which the girls got me for my birthday last year is thriving! It has gone blooming crazy this […]

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