Summer in September

Summer finally came on a warm, sunny day in September so I decided to go for a walk up the common near R’s sister’s house.  

This year’s wild blackberries don’t look very good. It’s been raining too much.

Passing by allotments where people grow flowers and vegetable. I saw a huge pumpkin.

Entering the common where cattle grids are in place to prevent the animals from escaping.

Thought I’d see some sheep but they weren’t there. Instead, there were 8 lovely horses basking in the sun.

Why stand and eat when you can sit down? It’s easier to lie down too after the meal. Neighhhhhh!

All standing together for a happy family shot. Kinda like these patchy horses, although only a big brown chap dared to walk up to me and let me stroke its face.

There’s my stud!

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One Comment on “Summer in September”

  1. sulochanosho Says:

    Your lense and eyes have captured the beauty of splendour and wonders of the nature there. Nature’s Blessings. Thanks.

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