Dinner in the city

5.42pm. Waiting for the train to Cardiff.

6.00pm. Nearing the city.

6.20pm. Taking a long stroll through the city to get to the Japanese restaurant on City Road.

6.50pm. Thought we got lost but we did find Tenkaichi, thankfully!

7.10pm. Been wanting to have good Japanese food for a long time so was ecstatic when my Salmon Bento (£10.80) and R’s Tuna and Salmon Bento (£12.20) arrived.

7.15pm. Just about to tuck into my food in this cosy eatery. I’m impressed by the quality and freshness of the ingredients. It’s comparable to Japanese restaurants in Singapore and quite affordable by local standards. “I can die happy now,” I said to R when I finished my mouthful of rice.

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2 Comments on “Dinner in the city”

  1. estique Says:

    haha. u sound deprived. 😛

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    Yes I am! Good food is widely available and relatively cheap back home but eating out here is quite expensive. Plus good, authentic Asian cuisine is hard to come by. So last night I was really a very happy girl.

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