No paint, no gain

Whoever says painting is easy should come and paint my house. For the past two weeks, I’ve been trying to paint four bedroom doors and frames, built-in wardrobes and side walls. I still need to paint the skirting boards, the fireplace, a bedside table and the toilet door.

The easy part is they will all be done with the same paint and colour. And the difficult part is, well, before I became a semi-professional painter and decorater, I never realised it was a job which required so much concentration.

You need concentration to control the paint on the brush so it doesn’t drip or splash everywhere. You need to focus so that you don’t get paint on certain areas like door handles. You need to make sure the strokes are neat and even. I mean, just look at what could go wrong in the picture above!

Hell, I can only manage doing one door a day, because otherwise I’d start to space out and then make loads of mistakes.

Other than employing a builder to do the floors, kitchen and bathroom, we’ve pretty much tried to do everything ourselves. There is a very strong DIY culture here but I don’t think that necessarily mean people are all good with their hands.

Many like me are just trying to cut costs by rolling up our sleeves and trying to get lucky. But DIY very often works out as nightmares for novices, who then need to hire professionals to come in to salvage the situation.

Having said that, I must admit it hasn’t been all that horrible for me. I mean at least after using up 3 tins of £5.99 paint over my 10 days of careful painting, it has not been Destroy-It-Yourself so far.

But erm, touchwood.

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4 Comments on “No paint, no gain”

  1. fefe Says:

    Ahhh, nice work there!! I picked up this skill from my late father, I consider myself an intermediate hehe but no matter how proud I can proclaim, I can never paint the CEILING….personally, I find that the hardest of all…

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    Yes fefe, I tend to make mistakes when painting something parallel to the floor. I drip so much, really quite crap at painting.

  3. classroomsandpopcorns Says:

    Use a roller for most of the space and a brush to touch the corners and the edges… and of course a paint-tray works…

  4. tintedglasses Says:

    Yeah we used rollers for the walls but for small spaces with uneven surfaces I can only use a brush and that is very tedious.

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