Out of control

Update: Did not get the job at the University, so the search goes on. This afternoon I managed to finally grieve and vent by crying my eyes out and feeling quite sorry for myself. I do feel better now.

K told me this when I saw her. “Looking for a job is a full-time job in itself.” And I just thought that is such a brilliant quote – it basically sums up how I feel everyday.

Trawling the net for suitable jobs, filling in job applications, justifying why you want the post and how you are the right person, sending it off and waiting for replies. It just saps time and energy. And nothing is worst than rejection. Sometimes you feel you are just not worth anything.

You think of the people sitting in the offices going through your application or discussing how you did after an interview. You are left powerless as somebody decides your fate for you in front of a desk. And with every rejection I pick myself up and move on. 

And today, while awaiting for the interview outcome, I decided to spend 4 hours painting my wardrobes. Coating them in a colour of my choice. Pretending I have some control over things.

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4 Comments on “Out of control”

  1. Ms Sing Link Says:

    And you have qualifications … imagine those who do not … hey on the hindsight … maybe they may be employed faster … hmmmm… I wonder?

  2. melissa Says:

    Keep trying babe! Yong wang zhi qian, yong bu tui suo!!! heheh

  3. tintedglasses Says:

    Woah Mel! Your Chinese has improved by leaps and bounds! Now I truly believed you got a B3!

  4. melissa Says:

    Of course I got a B3!!! Don’t you ever doubt that :p

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