The end of the third week

It’s another warm summer’s day but unfortunately as we now move into August, these lovely days where I can get away with wearing t-shirts and jeans will soon be just a memory.

I spent first part of this week overseeing the renovation of the kitchen, which has come along very nicely. I will put up before-and-after shots when everything’s completed. On the other days, I am up at the library borrowing and reading books and using the internet. In the evenings, I try to make a healthy meal from fresh ingredients.

The house still needs work though much of the structural refurbishments are done. There are little parts here and there to paint, fix and tidy up. We haven’t bought any furniture apart from a bed and a futon.

I don’t feel particularly bored living in the village though I wish we could speed up the process of getting the house ready. But I’ve developed a bad back since my canoeing accident and R’s working on most days so I’m afraid I just need to be patient.

Perhaps to make the most of the remaining summery days, I should make a trip to London to feel rushed and claustrophobic again. To visit the Jack the Ripper exhibition at the Musuem of London, buy cheap books in Charing Cross, check out Japan Home in Piccadilly Circus, Spitalfields Market on Sundays, and not forgetting pigging out on Chinese food at Bayswater.

I should also put on my skirts whilst I still can!

p.s. Have not seen Hedgie for sometime but we suspect he’s been eating the food we left out for him. Either that or some cat did.

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One Comment on “The end of the third week”

  1. Sorry love, haven’t been updating myself with events that was happening around dear friends. You see I am getting old, cannot catch up!

    I went through your blog … and discovered bits and pieces of your life over that last few months.

    I am really happy that you have moved … I miss you … but I am glad that you are enjoying life in UK. I wish you all the best with all that you dream for. Let me know when you come back. Meanwhile stay in touch … I will drop by soon.

    Lots of love and hugs from me and Hannah and Heather

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