Rolling in the river. Wye me?

How should I start…?

We were just slowly paddling down the River Wye when we hit the rapids at a wrong angle and our two-man canoe capsized. As I went down under, our aluminium vessel flipped over and hit me above my left brow. Fortunately the waters were only up to my knees and I quickly picked myself up.

Cold, sodden and shaken, I looked around for R and the canoe and saw that they were a few metres away at the side of the river. I picked up my paddle and tried to walk on the rocky riverbed toward them. A fellow paddler came to tell me R panicked when he couldn’t see me and wanted to know if I was alright.

When I got to the canoe, some other paddlers were trying to scoop the water out. R lost his glasses when he fell into the water and got pushed downstream by the canoe. We also lost one of the cushion seat pads and his paddle.

Later when we got in and continued our journey, we saw that the other few boats with his colleagues were waiting somewhere nearby to see that we were OK. They also managed to pick up our missing paddle. But R was quite blind without his glasses so I had to navigate us through the rest of the course.

Thankfully it was a very warm and sunny summer’s day so though we were wet, we weren’t cold. Despite our accident, we enjoyed meandering down the dark green river with mallards, swans, ugly ducklings and soaking in the beautiful scenery, as well as soaking in our clothes.

It took about 5 hours to complete 20 kilometres downstream and by the time I got back in the afternoon with a wet bum, swollen forehead, bruised leg, very sore and tender arms, thoroughly soaked and possibly damaged camera and phone, I just collapsed and slept.

A few hours later when I woke I discovered I was hot and a bit sunburnt (I know, how ironic to do that in the UK!), and I could not move my arms without cringing. There was a little crater where I knocked my eyebrow. Feeling quite ill and horrible, I popped a few Panadols.

Luckily much of the swelling and aching have resolved this morning but my electronic equipment has not sprung back to life. R has better luck. His phone is at least working, he’s found another pair of glasses in his cupboard and only had minor cuts and bruises on his body.

“Hey what shall we do next week? Skydiving?” he joked. No, you know what? I think I’d stick to baking.

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6 Comments on “Rolling in the river. Wye me?”

  1. Mel Says:

    Babe how are you feeling?????? I hope you’re better now..recovered from your adventures. It’s so freaking funny and sweet!!! Please take care and takea break from “extreme” sports.

  2. cmm Says:

    5 hours?!! you guys are crazy! c, how’s the bump on your head & your body aches? this is so not chen-like, i’m actually quite proud of the both of you! just be careful on the next adventure. R, pls bring us to this same excursion (hopefully minus the drama) the next time we visit.

  3. fefe Says:

    Oh no…sorry to hear that…but that sounds adventurous to me :p so how’s the camera? revivable?

  4. Roger Says:

    Have a look at this for a flavour of the experience when done properly!

    We have a spare room with futon, so you are welcome at any time.

  5. tintedglasses Says:

    Hey guys, I’m OK now, the swelling has subsided on my head. But R has a intensely dark purple bruise on his lower back! My phone and camera have died and I don’t know if they’d work again so I’d have to think about getting new ones. I didn’t think the canoeing trip would involve 5 hours of paddling or be so strenuous. It’s indeed not very me to get involved in extreme sports, you’re right, I think after this I’d gladly stick to extreme baking and cooking.

  6. Hey love,
    always wear sunblock in UK. The UV is much higher. I discovered that when we visit the folks in Halifax last August. My transitional lens turns totally dark … never does that here.

    You have accounted the accident very light heartedly … Jon ask me to paraglide … hmmm … I think I will stick to painting the sky while he’s up there.

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