Motivating men

We caught up briefly at Ngee Ann City, just sitting on the bench to chat for a few minutes before we each got something to attend to. 

In this phase of our lives, we are all some sort of planning to settle down with our respective partners, and our topics frequently revolved around house-hunting, weddings, and how to motivate men on such things.

“He seems very laidback about this house-hunting thing,” she commented. “I prefer to ride on the enthusiasm and get things sorted. But he prefers to wait and think and he takes so long to come to a decision!”

The other two of us listened on, expressionless. “That is normal,” I said calmly. “Is it?!” she asked. “Yes,” the other girl replied. “Men just like to be very chilled  about things but their inaction need not mean a lack of interest.”

It was a pretty amazing ten-minute girly therapy session. For the longest time, I thought I was alone in this motivating men business. But argh, how do we get them to do something without behaving like a nag?

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3 Comments on “Motivating men”

  1. MsDillyDally Says:

    Go to Youtube and search for Mark Gungor… tales of two brains and there lies your answer to motivate men…

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    Thank you MsDD, it is pretty funny and sadly true!

  3. melissa Says:

    oh my goodness it’s so true, men perceive women as naggy because we can be overtly enthu about things. It’s a great big misunderstanding of both species! I suppose we must learn to work at each other’s time and pace, to prevent the relationship from de-generating into conflict and resentment. hmmmmm…

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