Wonderful bridal shoes



I’m totally inspired by the colours in this wedding featured in the Bride’s Cafe, especially the fiesty green heels. I’ve always thought that bridal shoes had to be white, cream or silver with beads or diamantes but hey, I am a total convert to this quirky, classy combination.

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4 Comments on “Wonderful bridal shoes”

  1. MsDillyDally Says:

    Colours are important in weddings because they are subtle info about the bride… virgin brides wear white or just slight rice colour… ivory or pink or baby blue, any pastels other than white symbolise multiple weddings… married more than once. Even for the Chinese kwa, red for virgins and first bride… pink for remarriages … black for mother-in-laws…so just as you may be fascinated with colours, remember the kind of info you may be revealing to your guests… suggestion … check out the appropriate colours

  2. sinnothoo Says:


  3. tintedglasses Says:

    MsDD, I will definitely go for a white gown, and no kwa. Just amazed at the beautiful colour combinations at different weddings 🙂 So pretty.

  4. Ainhoa Says:

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