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Couple of Cupcakes

June 30, 2008

Had an enjoyable Sunday baking and decorating cupcakes with Ms M. Just wished they tasted as great as they looked. But no worries, I’ve got plenty of time to perfect my skills.

Motivating men

June 29, 2008

We caught up briefly at Ngee Ann City, just sitting on the bench to chat for a few minutes before we each got something to attend to. 

In this phase of our lives, we are all some sort of planning to settle down with our respective partners, and our topics frequently revolved around house-hunting, weddings, and how to motivate men on such things.

“He seems very laidback about this house-hunting thing,” she commented. “I prefer to ride on the enthusiasm and get things sorted. But he prefers to wait and think and he takes so long to come to a decision!”

The other two of us listened on, expressionless. “That is normal,” I said calmly. “Is it?!” she asked. “Yes,” the other girl replied. “Men just like to be very chilled  about things but their inaction need not mean a lack of interest.”

It was a pretty amazing ten-minute girly therapy session. For the longest time, I thought I was alone in this motivating men business. But argh, how do we get them to do something without behaving like a nag?

Wonderful bridal shoes

June 28, 2008



I’m totally inspired by the colours in this wedding featured in the Bride’s Cafe, especially the fiesty green heels. I’ve always thought that bridal shoes had to be white, cream or silver with beads or diamantes but hey, I am a total convert to this quirky, classy combination.

In Style Weddings Blogroll

June 28, 2008










Fantastic wedding ideas here. Great inspirations!

Kill all, burn all, loot all

June 27, 2008

More than a decade I put together a paper on Unit 731 and read about The Rape Of Nanking. With a heavy heart I rented Nanking the DVD last week but put it off till today to watch it. With extensive documentary and written evidence on the atrocities, I am baffled as to why the Japanese still choose to believe these accounts are JUST a pack of exaggerated lies.

360 degrees

June 27, 2008

I keep bumping into students whereever I go these days. Some recognised me and came to say hi, while some clearly were too engrossed in whatever they were doing to notice me.

Yesterday I was at Bugis to meet an ex-student, Winnie, for lunch when I heard someone call my name. It was a tall girl with long copper hair. “You don’t remember me?!” she asked. I looked at her again. She was in mini shorts, a low cut blouse, high heels and she was holding on to a stick of Virginia Slims.

“I’m Jojo from Informatics!” she said. Jojo? The quiet Vietnamese girl in my class? The slim petite girl who wore glasses and no make-up? The sweet, plain girl who was ever attentive in class and delivered good work?

Of course I couldn’t recognise her now. She’s put on a bit of weight, she’s swapped her glasses for dark blue contact lenses, she has long metallic coloured nails, she’s drawn her eyebrows too thin. She was puffing away at a cigarette as her Western boyfriend waited in the corner for us to finish catching up.

“It’s been two years since you left us. We still talk about you though. Almost everyone in the class is still there,” she said in a slight American accent. I noticed she had a piercing above her lip.

As we reminisce old times, I wished she hadn’t called out to me. That way, I would be able to always remember her the way she was.


June 24, 2008

I am pining for these Luohan Vegetarian Balls I chanced upon in a restaurant in Shanghai. They are made with potatoes, carrots, vegetables and flour and then deep-fried. Very original, yummy and addictive!