What would you do, for love?

My teacher, after 20 days of train travel across France, Germany, Russia, Siberia, embarked on a 40-hour boat trip to Japan. I got an email from him to say he’s hot and humid in Okinawa, but otherwise fine. Soon, he will arrive in Taiwan and be reunited with his lady. 

Continue to read about his travels at sixtrainstwoboats.blogspot.com

I’m so excited for him, amazed at his feat and at the same time, I contemplate about my own journey across the continents.

Thoughts going through my mind at the moment: Does love and happiness come easily? Or do you have to go out there and fight for it? And how hard should you fight? If things appear to be very tough, do you see it as a sign and give up? What if you made the wrong decision? Who holds the answers to these questions?

You inspire me, Gary. You are a male, bolder and balder version of me. Hell if Gary at 40ish can do wild things like these, what am I worrying about at 20ish?

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2 Comments on “What would you do, for love?”

  1. MsSearch Says:

    Because you are Not Gary!

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    True, I am not him. At least I know what my destination looks like. And can speak their language. I don’t know if this is right, but it is a journey I’ve always wanted to take.

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