Eating Fefe’s tofu

It took me more than 90 minutes to travel up north to Woodlands to savour Fefe’s homemade Hakka delicacy, Yong Tau Fu. My top was soaked wet in sweat in the poorly ventilated crowded train and I could hardly breathe. But still, I think it was worth the hassle.

It was very sweet of Fefe to invite me to her place so she could cook me a meal. I enjoyed every morsel (honest!), especially the red chilli stuffed with minced fish and prawn. The last bite at the top of the chilli was the spiciest, oh but the shiokest! Also glad to have the opportunity to catch up with tsl and find out how she’s doing in church.

Honestly, I am one person who has no real interest in restaurant food because I believe homecooked food tastes best.

Thank you Fefe. 

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4 Comments on “Eating Fefe’s tofu”

  1. estique Says:

    yah.. the food was good la!!! esp the chicken.



  2. fefe Says:

    Guess what, I stew all the leftovers with inoki mushrooms….It’s so yum with thick stew esp when all together haha….Sigh, I agree with estique, chicken is better ….

    Thanks for coming…..really!

  3. tintedglasses Says:

    Fefe, just ignore estique. She is just being her normal annoying self. Your food was great. Really. Thanks for making the effort.

  4. estique Says:


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