What the hell is wrong?

Me: Went to the mechanical workshops to talk to students with poor attendance. Tried all ways and methods to get through to students with attitude problems.

Students: Promised to turn up for extra lessons but did not. “I was not free that day. Next week I will come to lesson.” I asked them to see me in my office. “Teacher, you think I know where your office is? The school not very small you know!” I asked them why they did not contact me. “Teacher, I thought you would come to our workshops to look for us.”

Form teacher: Ever so useless and had the cheek to tell me the students in this class are “so enthusiastic and eager to learn”. Advised me to call parents, otherwise nobody would take me seriously.

Parents: Don’t know what’s going on. “What? You mean they don’t go for lessons?” Need to speak to sons. Told me teachers nowadays talk too much in the classroom. Kids are bored. I asked them if I should juggle balls in class in future.

I’m sorry I gotta let this out. Pardon me. Cover your eyes and ears.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!

Thank you.

Now I can start to wonder who to blame.

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3 Comments on “What the hell is wrong?”

  1. fefe Says:

    Because it’s so convenient to push the blame / responsibility to others and not searching within themselves. Well, this is when the educator comes into the picture to EDUCATE them. Sadly, many ‘educators’ are not doing what they should in the first place…

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    Yup, agreed. And that’s when I feel I have failed as one!

  3. fefe Says:

    No…I don’t think you failed! YOu did what you can do..failed are those who spoiled market. Failed are those who never even care about what is right for the students. Failed are the ones who didn’t even think if they had failed.

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