I saw it in the DVD shop. A movie about a female journalist and exploitation of women. Totally my themes. I did not even hesistate about picking it up.

Based on true events which happen in Juarez, a Mexican town close to the US borders, the film shows how an American journalist (Jennifer Lopez) attempts to investigate the rapes and murders of thousands of factory girls, and in return putting herself and her colleagues at risk.

The movie, grim and intense, provides disturbing evidence of how Corporate America rules the world – from exploiting slave trade in the developing nations, operating sweatshops with a clear disregard for the safety of its workers, influencing politics and trade agreements, and stifling free press.

Just like the way reporters were shown threatened in the movie, in real life, the movie crew received death threats and were intimidated when they filmed in Mexico. “The screams of the murdered women are silent, because nobody, not the Mexican or American government want to hear them.”  

There’s been a lot of criticism about the acting and the plot. Well I gotta agree that Lopez isn’t very convincing as a gungho investigative reporter. I thought perhaps Salma Hayek would be more suitable for the role. But do look deeper than that because we need films like these to raise awareness about news which have been silenced by the mainstream media.

Afterall, since “when did corporate responsibility become more important than the truth?” 

Read more about murders of young women in Juarez:

“Who’s Killing the Women of Juarez?”National Public Radio

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Body CountCrime Library

The Disappearing Women of JuarezRevolutionary Worker

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