Be kind, don’t rewind!

Caught up with a few ex-students (now in poly and army) for dinner at Simpang Bedok on Sunday and was quite taken aback when Fig asked me this as he stubbed out his cigarette. I know he is quite the Casanova but didn’t think he would allow himself to get caught in this very cliche situation.

“Cher, I did it with my girlfriend and we filmed it with her mobile phone. When she wanted to leave me, I threatened to circulate the videos. She hates me now and spreads rumours about me to my classmates. I can’t concentrate in class as I feel they are all against me. What should I do?”

Delete the videos, tell her you are sorry for blackmailing her, and you respect her decision for not wanting to be with you. Leave her alone. Then lie low in the class and wait for this whole matter to blow over. Oh and quit the movie-making business.

Anybody else has advice to dispense?

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