Can you keep a secret

Were you ever betrayed by friends or even family members who can’t keep secrets? When I was still in the PR agency, I was hurt when I found out my ex-colleague failed to keep my plans about furthering my studies to herself. She even went on to tell my ex-bosses, who later came to question me.

Why do we share our secrets with others if they are meant to be secrets? Aren’t we shooting ourselves in the foot? Why can’t we just keep things to ourselves? Why do we get angry when we tell someone something and s/he in turn tells somebody else? Why do we tell people, “eh keep it to yourself ok?” if it’s something not meant to be told?

There are too many rumours and secrets circulating around the workplace. People get hurt when you don’t tell them your secrets or when their secrets get passed around like a glossy magazine.

Why keep secrets?

Everyone should just issue daily press releases to each other on their plans, history and updates. That way the trashy ones won’t have any exclusive stories or gossip to cover.

Either that, or don’t even trust anyone. Zip your mouth.

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3 Comments on “Can you keep a secret”

  1. fefe Says:

    That sounds like a good idea, a personal tabloid…

  2. tsl Says:

    wat happened?

  3. tintedglasses Says:

    Nothing happened. Just inspired to write a post on secrets, because most of us keep one. And tired of the office grapevine.

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