Often the most memorable movies are those with a simple plot. I watched Unfaithful (2002) at home the other night and found it to be an unexpectedly powerful film. The story is about how a housewife (Diane Lane) begins an affair with a charming French book-seller (Olivier Martinez) after a chance meeting. 

This mother of a nine-year-old wasn’t looking out for an affair yet can’t help but get sucked into this whirlwind relationship based on raunchy sex. But look beyond the steamy sex scenes for something deeper.

With wonderful cinematography and a keen eye for detail, the movie demonstrates the scary control that emotions have over us and also paints the consequences of our decisions. 

To throw away a happy family life, to forget about being a responsible mother, to hurt those who love, to take away somebody else’s life, to deny someone a proper burial, to lie and be tortured by our guilt forever.

If only, on that day, we did not make that choice, if we took another route, what life would we lead now? If fate led us to an opportunity to cheat, would we do it, thinking nobody would ever find out or get hurt?

Some reviewers have said this film is a powerful deterrence to having an affair. I’m afraid I gotta agree.

Cos an affair might be thrilling and orgasmic but living with its consequences is hell.

Lane: We could end this now and nobody would get hurt.

Martinez: I would.

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4 Comments on “Unfaithful”

  1. fefe Says:

    Yes I must agree too. They found the people to do this esp the bookseller, I can’t help but to fall in love with the bookseller too…This is very scary…

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    He was just too good with words and he made her feel special. It was all exciting and humans are weak. We often cave in when we are tempted. I guess the question is – were you ever tempted? How close were you? I was very close.

  3. fefe Says:

    ohhhh i was…..in fact long story…fred knows about it too

  4. tintedglasses Says:

    That one moment. That one decision. Could change your life forever.

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