Cut to the chase

I got a call from Miss S last week. The PR lady boss was overwhelmed with projects and wondered if I could help her with some media follow-ups. I did not really have time but sensing that she was at her wits’ end, I decided to do her the favour.

Her company was organising a press conference and needed me to contact the media to check if they were keen to come. And so I tried my best to get to the journos, the news desks and the editors in between my lessons.

The conclusion? Ringing the media is no fun! I have not done it for 4 years but now that I am back to it again, I realise I don’t miss it a single bit. I don’t miss the cold-calling, the rejections, the attitudes and justifying to the Client why this and that media won’t be turning up.

I don’t miss the conversations and events where everybody has their own agenda, aims and objectives, their own jobs and asses to cover. I don’t miss cutting to the chase in every awkward telephone conversation. I certainly do not miss chasing the journalists for coverage, though reporters these days are a lot more polite and less snobbish and impatient.  

I don’t miss anything from my previous job. Not the Tiffany necklaces from bosses or expensive lunches. Nothing. Zilch.

Life is a lot simpler yet more exciting and satisfying now.

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6 Comments on “Cut to the chase”

  1. J Says:

    you are so effing right! i don’t miss the industry at all. but things might be moving in a different direction for me. will fill u guys in…

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    Wow what’s going on babe? You didn’t tell us at Dempsey? Tell us! Suspense kills me.

  3. estique Says:

    AMEN! heheee. 🙂

  4. tintedglasses Says:

    AMEN? Why? Cos I’ve been killed by suspense?

  5. J Says:

    nothing la. not that i’ve been keeping anyone in suspense. just that ive been having a think about things and i might have a change in plans. Operative word being MIGHT. So relax

  6. tintedglasses Says:

    Omigod! Must share!

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