Teacher, very urgent!

W rang me as I was with GK, about to tuck into my bowl of soupy noodles. “You have two boys here looking for you, they said its ‘urgent’,” she said. I thought, what could be more important than lunch? “I’d send them down to the canteen,” she told me.

Experience tells me it’s nothing urgent. If anything, finishing my noodles within the hour so I’ll be in time for my next class is more urgent. True enough, they came to me grinning and each holding a leave form.

“Teacher, I’m going for a job interview in the afternoon so I cannot go for your class, please sign the excuse form for me. I already ask my form teacher, Mr Wong, he said I can go, he said you should sign it.”

Wow, since when did I have to report to Mr Wong? And wow again, when did we start giving students time off to go for job interviews? I looked at the form. These boys wanted to get out of school by 1pm. And my class didn’t start till 3pm.

“I’m sorry boys, but shouldn’t you get the teacher before me to sign the form? And you know what? Since Mr Wong said it’s OK for you to go, ask him to sign it, cos I’m not going to. And by the way, you can give him my number. Ask him to call me if he really said it’s OK for you to go. Bye now.”

I never heard from the boys. Or Mr Wong.

Catching liars who prey on nice female teachers comes with practice, and that to me, is my real urgency.

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2 Comments on “Teacher, very urgent!”

  1. fefe Says:

    whoaaaa….are these the boys who acted up the last round?

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    Same class, different boys. All trying to be funny. Wonder what gave them the idea.

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