Sweet Bangkok Surprise

This is a much overdue post about my trip to Bangkok with the girls over the Good Friday weekend, and what can I say apart from – I had a really fabulous time – considering Bangkok was sort of our last choice for this trip.

Well it was no joke deciding on a destination while trying to accommodate the schedules of a Primary school teacher, a College teacher, a brand manager and a towkay neo. We all had different off days, budgets and preferences which was further limited by the cost and choice of flights.

Bangkok has been done to death by all four of us, and especially so for towkay neo who flies there every other month. I didn’t think there could be anything else which could wow me, or for me to discover.

But the agenda for the trip was a little different. We wanted to check out some affordable dresses for my big day next year. The girls especially, wanted to use this opportunity to choose a bridesmaid dress which they would all look good in.

We steered clear of most of the usual touristy haunts – we did not go anywhere near Chatuchak, Central, Erawan, and only made a brief stop at MBK. Our agenda took us to Thong Lor’s J Avenue, which was an upmarket, quirky place attracting quite a number of Japanese and the affluent local.

I think part of the fun was checking out dresses, trying out dresses, creating such a din in shops, you know, doing all the girly things together. Going for massages, snuggling up in bed to watch Nanny McPhee and Slither on TV.

We were focused shoppers about to settle for this Grecian dress at the end of our first day when fate brought us to a little boutique where we found IT. No buts, no uhmms, no ifs, just OK this is it.

We also checked out the toys and stationery galore at Sampeng, Chinatown, where despite our varying vocations, we each managed to find something we needed for our jobs.

I don’t think either of us had any idea we could STILL enjoy a too well-frequented destination. I know I was surprised to fall in love with Bangkok again. And I know that even towkay neo had fun spending time in places she normally wouldn’t have explored on her work trips. I saw her let loose and shopped. And ate, and not worry about work.

We weren’t really too excited about going Bangkok in the first place and yet on our last day, we actually spoke of visiting it again, and on a longer trip!

I realised that no matter what the destination, it’s the company of loved ones which would make it come alive and make you truly enjoy the experience.

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One Comment on “Sweet Bangkok Surprise”

  1. melissa Says:

    Again! Again!!!!

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