Want me to scold anyone?

Today I was attending a workshop on counselling when Rude Dude rang. The form teacher of my difficult boys picked just the right moment to call me. We were discussing how to motivate and counsel students.

“How’s the attendance of my boys?” was his opening sentence. Well, good morning to you too, I whispered to myself. Their attendance is good, I replied. He boomed, “Well I’m with them now. Do you want me to scold them?”

I’m sorry? I said. “Well, do you want me to SCOLD them?” Huh? What? NO, no, I don’t want you to scold them. Why would you think that? They were perfect last week, I replied.

Oh dear, I really need to sit down to talk to Rude Dude and tell him that his army-style authoritarian method is eating away the human soul.

I’ve never had a form teacher call me and ask me straight up if his class needed a big telling off. I mean, is that all the kids get from him? Scoldings? Threats? Accusations? Highlighting all their weaknesses and what they are doing wrong? No wonder they don’t feel motivated to learn and are so full of anger.

Hell, I won’t give a shit too if my teacher doesn’t reach out to me and writes me off.

And guess what? I think Rude Dude got some teacher award last year. I was disgusted when I found out because it’s such a joke. If rude, insensitive and aggressive people like him are hauled as GOOD TEACHERS, then I guess I have completely misunderstood the criteria of “good teachers”.

This organisation and its people really break my heart.  

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2 Comments on “Want me to scold anyone?”

  1. fefe Says:

    Well at least they have you who genuinely care for them…..

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    I think Rude Dude does care, he just needs to work on his Emotional Quotient.

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