Roger Rabbit


A dog might knock over his Mum, and I didn’t want a cat as it might scratch the furniture or get fleas.

So he asked one day, if I’d like a chocolate bunny. A soft, furry brown rabbit to run around in the garden, provided it doesn’t eat the plants we grow.

Sounds good to me! Do I have to bathe the bunny or walk it?

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5 Comments on “Roger Rabbit”

  1. Roger Says:

    The plants that WE grow? Errr, didn’t you tell me you had no interest in gardening? And now they are OUR plants? How much digging have you done?

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    Dear Roger Rabbit, I will grow some wonderfully lush plants when I get over there, to replace the dying ones under your care.

  3. Roger Says:

    As a gardener, I am the Grim Reaper. (Nice pun, Rog!). This I admit. Ruefully. (Another pun!) The immature & vulnerable plants which are reliant on my care are probably doomed. My father would be dismayed. The hardiest and most vigorous specimens in either of my gardens are the raspberry canes. They crept under the wall which divides my property from my neighbours…so they were relatively immune from my attentions, and have flourished as a result of neglect, rather than my misguided and ill-advised attempts at cultivation, which wreak such destruction elsewhere. However, even as I concede my failings, my original points remains valid.
    I bought the plants, dug the ground and made them at home (though their lives may be numbered in days). And you have expressed repeated indifference to the idea of planting/growing. Why the sudden volte- face?

  4. tintedglasses Says:

    It’s a bit difficult for me to plant and dig when I’m 7,000 miles away, you know! I don’t have green fingers and I’ve never tried to grow things, apart from kids. Gardening is not an orgasmic idea for me but hey I’ll give it a shot if I were there. Just be an accidental gardener. 🙂

  5. […] also got to meet Waffles the Rabbit, who looks exactly like the brown bunny I wanted to keep. Oh he was such a gentle bouncy Peter Rabbit lookalike the girls […]

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