Gut feelings

Two Malay boys were looking for you, so I directed them to the canteen, Tsl said to me during as I was about to leave for lunch.  My engineering boys? Looking for me? What could be up?

I saw them in the canteen, their eyes looking out for their short and plump teacher. I walked up to them and said Hi. They gave me their leave forms. They wanted to take the afternoon off and hoped that I would say YES, you are excused from my class.

They said, My good friend got into a traffic accident and is in the hospital. We need to go to visit her. Please excuse us from your class. Soon after, another boy came to join us and too waved a leave form at me. My grandfather is dying, I need to go to see him.

I said, You have another lesson before me. Shouldn’t you get that teacher to sign your excuse form? They replied, He’s sick, he didn’t come today. Oh! Now it made sense to me. My colleague’s absence meant they had an excruciating 2 hour break before my class, and no wonder they all wanted to go home.

I don’t care if they wanted to skip my class, but to make me sign and tell them it was legal to do so was erm, a bit too much right?

Couldn’t you guys go to the hospital after class? We’ll start earlier since you have nothing to do now, and you can leave earlier, I suggested. No teacher, they said, cannot. Must go now. Cannot wait.

Is it possible you get your friend’s family on the line please? I’d like to have a word with them, see how she is. 

They said, We don’t have their numbers. Right. So how come they could contact you to inform you of the accident? Teacher, number unlisted on the mobile. Their story was quickly falling apart. OK, I asked, what about your friend’s home number? We don’t have, came the response, and with an expression of being caught lying.

I’m sorry guys, but I really don’t get the feeling you are being honest with me. So, I can’t sign your forms, I replied. And as they walked off, I thought: God! They don’t look the least bit worried for people whose good friend had been hit by a vehicle.

Of course, I only had 5-10 minutes to judge the situation and make my decision. I could very well be wrong. What if I was? They would never trust me again because I doubted them. What if I said OK and signed their forms? Would more students come to me with their sob stories because it’s not possible for me to check if it’s true?

Is it right to base decisions on gut feelings? I hate being caught in difficult situations like these!

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3 Comments on “Gut feelings”

  1. Jeano Says:

    hahah babe….if there’s anything I’ve learned, a teacher’s gut feelings are usually right! their story sounds pretty lame anyway, they botched the lines! don’t worry, I’m sure you hit the nail on the head…if they were honest, they’d have definitely looked distressed or panicky to begin with.

  2. Helena Says:

    The same story line came from me when i just started working, it’s just so lame. Is this something always happen when you grow up? You just know what they said is not true, isnt? Kids should learn all the teachers were once kids too!

  3. Mel Says:

    babe don’t worry I used to do it all the time when I was handling the team. I hated being so firm but we have to appear mean to be good…applies to all figures of authority doesn’t it? 🙂 parents inclusive.

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