Phallic vegetables

I did not have such a great afternoon in class and it was yet another day of stuffing my face with tuna sandwich. A sore throat and cough has developed from the week-long cold.

I have never cried in front of my students in my 2 years as a teacher, but today it came very close! But heng ah, I did not. The feeling past very quickly and I rapidly took control of my emotions again. There was a little beautiful rainbow after the storm.

But let’s not go into that. I’m tired of moaning about my happenings in the classroom and I’m sure some are sick of reading about it too. It’s all about the same stuff.

Today’s focus is on vegetables! Yes my favourite.

I went to the market with Mum on Saturday but she took so long at the vegetable stall I ended up snapping away while waiting. It was not till I went home that I realised my subjects were all phallic vegetables!

Different shapes, sizes, colours, width, length, textures, appearances.

Oh no! What’s that supposed to mean? What am I subconsciously thinking?




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2 Comments on “Phallic vegetables”

  1. tsl Says:

    erm… that u dun like veggie with leaves? 😛

  2. Oona Says:

    don’t forget mushrooms!

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