Kung-fu fighting


 Everybody was kung-fu fighting (hu-hah!)
Those cats were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightening
But they fought with expert timing

Heng ah! Only the first three lines of Kung-Fu Fighting happened in class this afternoon. And yeah it happened as fast as lightning. The boys were settling into class noisily as usual, and I was setting up my laptop when suddenly I saw a tall Malay boy holding on to one of the Bengs.

“What’s going on?” I asked as I saw the Beng moving quickly toward a quiet Chinese boy with a clenched fist. Thank goodness the tall Malay student did not loosen his grip on the Beng, and he even persuaded Beng to go back to his seat. I thank my lucky stars.

We ended up talking about anger management. It was quite good timing since that was the topic we were supposed to be discussing anyway. I asked them how they handled stress, anger and disagreements, and not surprisingly, their answers were either FIGHT or FLIGHT.

“Fight! Fight! Fight!” the class chanted after the Beng moved back to his seat. “Stop it, you guys! Tell me one fight in history which could solve the problem,” I asked. No answer. “And now give me an example when a disagreement was resolved because you swept it under the carpet.” No answer.

After the lesson, the quiet boy stayed back to talk to me. He was full of grievances. He said Beng has been teasing him since term started and he couldn’t take it anymore. The bullying was causing him to lose sleep and concentration. His huge tears began to roll down involuntarily.

I let him unload his burden by pouring out his woes. He wiped his tears onto his sleeves. He said he wanted to change course, quit school and leave his CCA (Beng was in the same CCA).  I said, “He’s someone you hate, and you’re giving him the power to make all the important decisions for you?! Are you kidding?”

But it’s true isn’t it? We grant people who hurt us all the power to ruin our days, disrupt our sleeping patterns, wreck our appetites. We give them the power to psycho us into making choices we normally would not. We give them the power to affect how we feel and what we do. We give them the power to take away our joy and happiness.

But why? Why do we tend to get caught up in negativity? Why do we waste our tears and effort on those who are undeserving? Why do we let horrible people get us down? Why don’t we ever cry in joy that we have friends and family?

He left for home after the cathartic session. I hope it’s made him realise a few things, cos I sure did.

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2 Comments on “Kung-fu fighting”

  1. Roger Says:

    You turned adversity into opportunity by using the scuffle to illustrate your lesson. I note that you seem to be the perpetual ‘shoulder to cry on’. I have all the empathetic qualities of one of your tuna sandwiches…

  2. […] the saddest leaving this class. I will miss their crazy antics. I will miss this class where a fight almost broke out in my lesson and where another boy tried to hurt himself. There is a lot of […]

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