Mid-week blues

It’s happening far too often for my liking. Again today, I cried at work. And what’s worse- in front of my boss too, because he came out of the room to find out what was the commotion and if I was alright.

Last Thursday, I was upset with a group of ill-behaved boys. Today, I am annoyed by their ill-behaved form teacher. What the hell is wrong with this lot? I notified him a week ago that I would be away on course tomorrow and lesson with his class would be cancelled this week. Late this afternoon, he phoned at the last minute insisting I find a relief teacher to stand in for me.

“Otherwise they will be doing nothing for 3 hours. You know my boys. If anything happens to them, who will be responsible? If they fight, who will answer for it? I need to answer to my boss and you need to answer to your boss. So how? You tell me how? So how? What do you intend to do about this?”

He panicked because he wanted to cover his ass. He panicked because his original arrangements to fill in my lesson time did not work out. And so what did he do? He threw the problem at me. Because it was my fault for cancelling the class.

Even if it was, I don’t appreciate being spoken to like this by a fellow colleague. What made him think he had the right to storm into my office, harrass my colleagues and ask them to drop their work to help him? What made him think he had the right to threaten me and force me to come up with a solution for him? What made him think he had the right to speak to anyone like the way he did?

He’s an insensitive, rude, manipulative, cowardly, stupid fucking jerk with zero emotional intelligence.

I hope all his hair and teeth drop out tomorrow.

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