Anger management

Honestly, I think nursing students are overrated.

While some teachers think they are a godsend because they are so polite, enthusiatic and punctual, I beg to differ. Teaching my bunch of nurses can be extremely tiring. They don’t stop yakking, they have different learning attitudes and I find some of them quite arrogant and rude.

They’ve never been on time for my lessons. Lateness is not tolerated by their academic school. Students would be locked out and severely punished should they turn up late for lessons. The fact that they can stroll into my class ever so casually simply shows they believe I am a pushover.

When they came in, they forgot their books. They needed to go to their lockers. They had to go to the toilet. By the time we got the whole class in, it was 20 minutes past. “Teacher, we had a 40-minute break before your class. But it was not enough. That’s why we were late,” one male student looked me in the eye defiantly and said.

After they had finally settled down, I told them they were dismissed. “Go and enjoy a 2-hour break. Go and eat or sleep or do whatever you like. You’d all be marked absent. Come to class when you are ready with your books and can be punctual for your lesson. Goodbye.”

They sat still. “Which part of ‘please leave’ do you not understand?” They began to get up slowly and inch toward the door. Some of them left. Half the class stood rooted. “Teacher, we are sorry. Can we stay here?” I kept quiet as I fumed. And then the others slowly crept back.

I asked them what made a good nurse. Responsibility, Self-discipline, Respect, Punctuality, Perserverance, Preparedness, Positive Attitude, Professionalism, were the answers I got. “Sadly you have none of these qualities.”

Because they were so good at talking non-stop, I sent them home to write a 1,000 word essay on “The Cross Section of a Ping Pong Ball.” Thanks R for this cruel fab idea.

I look forward to next lesson.

I feel like such a bitch but what the hell, they deserved it.  

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7 Comments on “Anger management”

  1. melissa Says:

    what the hell is a cross-section of a ping pong ball?

    You’re so fierce, I like! 😛

  2. Roger Says:

    I said 200 words-not 1000!! That apart, I think your indignation and dismay are justified.
    At times, qualified nurses may lack the attributes that your class suggested as essential to their future roles. Much is overlooked, however, if one is at least present and doing the job, albeit in a less than ideal fashion.It is clear that your students do not appreciate that potential employers are unlikely to tolerate haphazard punctuality. This particular lifeskill should be a central value. Instead, it is given little regard.
    I would suggest even more severe sanctions in the case of persistent offenders. Incidentally, I hope they are creative, because you are going to have a lot of reading next week.

  3. fefe Says:

    woo hooo…this lady finally flares her top! I missed it, :p

    They truly deserved it. Whatever reasons they have, they have no excuse to behave in such a way. I’m glad they listened, apologized and didn’t kick the door as they walked out (just imagine my NY)..

  4. shir Says:

    of all trades..nursing students ought to behave the best becoz it is expected of them in their future vocation. anyway… i think u handled it quite well mah. let’s see if they still behave this way next week.

    though what the heck is “The Cross Section of a Ping Pong Ball”?!

  5. Annabel Says:

    I can’t wait for the essays.

    I got your postcard thingy! Thanks so much for the invite 😀 Unfortunately I can’t confirm my attendance yet. If it is very early November, it is more possible because Jimson can stay in Melbourne to look after the cats. If it’s late Nov, it’d be much harder 😦 Keep me updated though!

  6. tintedglasses Says:

    Shir, Mel, have to give them a ridiculously difficult topic to write on since they have so much to talk about!
    Annabel, event postponed till early half of next year so I hope you can join us!

  7. Annabel Says:

    Early half of next year sounds MUCH more doable! Do you know roughly when? I’m excited! Can’t wait to finally meet Roger 🙂

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