Thursdays with Shah

As usual, He inspires and motivates me through unique ways. He sends me little messages when I’m confused, hesistant or down.

My boys are a cheeky bunch and seem ever so desperate to get laid girls to notice them. Even I can’t escape from their advances. They want to know my number, whether I’m married, if I have a boyfriend, and will try their best to impress me. “Eh stop flirting with the teacher lah, you idiot!” they will scold their classmate when he tries too hard with his lame tactics.

During the 5-minute lesson break on Thursday, a Malay boy walked quietly up to the desk and asked, “Hey cher, how old are you?” I told him my age. “Oh that’s only 10 years older than me. I still stand a chance!” I replied that we are of different religions. “You can always convert, cher.” I said I was too old for him.

And then the 17-year-old told me this with a straight face. “Cher, age is only a number.” And I looked at him, speechless. I never thought of it this way before.

Cher, thank you for teaching me.

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One Comment on “Thursdays with Shah”

  1. melissa Says:

    omg that’s hilarious! that can really tickle on a lousy day. R beware!

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