Looking good in winter


Sometimes I wish Singapore was just a little cooler, enough to pull on some tights and put on a pair of boots/shoes. I think this is one get-up which will instantly smarten any outfit.

Japanese girls love skirts and shorts, which they often pair with patterned or coloured tights and ankle/knee/calf length boots. Coloured tights are widely available and unlike the usual boring black, they can really enhance what you are wearing.  This winter, maroon, aubergine and navy blue tights are in style.

Also big in Japan are socks. Very often, girls choose not to wear tights, but put on some knee-length socks and then wear their boots. This look works best with calf length boots.

Layering is another technique to achieve that polished look. Beneath that winter coat, the girls have a cardigan, scarf and a top. It’s interesting to note that their skirts are rarely below knee length, which not only show off their pretty hosiery but also give them the illusion of height.

I’ve never come across dress coats till I visited Japan. As the name suggests, dress coats are typically form-fitting on top with a clearly defined waistline and a flared hemline. The preferred way to wear them is buttoned all the way up for a sleek silhouette.

I think I’ve picked up a great deal more winter fashion tips during my 7 days in Japan than the whole of my entire 3 years in Britain.

Great stuff.

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4 Comments on “Looking good in winter”

  1. ZatFee Says:

    Wearing socks or stockings is a must for the Japanese women. You are considered not dressed completely or rather half naked if you don’t wear any leggings.

  2. Roger Says:

    Tights are horrible. An instrument of the Devil. Yes, warmer in Winter, but for most men, one of the most loathed garments a woman can wear.

  3. tintedglasses Says:

    A little impractical to be wearing silk hold-ups with suspenders and 5-inch heels to go out everyday you know. Unless you work in a massage parlour. 😛

  4. syrope Says:

    Glad to see that you have so much fun! Let’s both wear tights and boots next time when we go out… 🙂

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