The joy/pain of receiving


This Christmas, I made myself wait till the actual day before opening all my presents. As a non-Christian, this day doesn’t really hold much meaning for me, but I have always participated in gift giving and exchange because many of those I care about are Christians.

This year, I received a big book wrapped in beautiful paper from a colleague before term ended. I remember feeling really guilty because I had only given her some cute magnets, so I decided to buy her something nice from Japan to make it up to her.

When I sat down on Christmas night to open the presents, I saw that that heavy book was actually a travel journal. She must have found out from Facebook that I enjoy travelling, and that was really thoughtful of her.

But upon closer inspection, I noticed that the book was turning yellow on the inside and its labels were peeling off. Its hard cover was also dirty. I’m pretty sure my colleague must have had this journal for some time. Though she has not used it before, I don’t really think it was in a condition where you could give it out as a present.

Two other colleagues gave me some kiddy cartoon sweets which I was glad to offer to my neighbours’ kids.  I was really quite upset last night. 

Personally, I really take the effort to select a gift for someone, and a lot of thinking goes behind every decision. That is why I feel really let down and disappointed when someone gives me some ancient, dusty item which they try to pass off as new, or just gives me some random thing without much consideration.

This is not the first time somebody did that to me, you know, giving me something from their store room. Sometimes I really hate receiving gifts because a lot of the times I am disappointed either by the condition or choice of it. That’s why most of the time I’d rather not have anything.

Still, it was Christmas night, and I allowed myself to be grumpy for just a little while. I should be giving thanks to those who took the effort and were thoughtful enough to get me little gifts which they know I’d appreciate.

Thanks to TSL for the lovely beige glittery scarf. It was very handy in Japan. In fact my Mum loved it so much she used it more than I did. Thank you to GK for the Fancl cleansing oil. Now I know you pay attention to what I write. 🙂


Thanks Mum for sneaking back to the gift shop in Narita Airport while I was slumped on the chair waiting impatiently, to get me the cute porcelain Beckoning Cat which I’d wanted. Thanks to R for surprising me with wonderfully succulent roses and yummy chocolates.

Thanks to my Danish friends, Johan and Maria, for sending their little present so early this year. It was a Danish Nisse soft toy. He is a mischevious elf who plays pranks on others during Christmas time. It came with a heartfelt card which as usual brought a big smile to my face and warm thoughts to my heart.

And not forgetting those who love me in their own ways.

Sometimes you have it good, sometimes you have it bad. I guess I should be thankful I have people to make it good.

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4 Comments on “The joy/pain of receiving”

  1. Roger Says:

    ‘Succulent’ roses…so, how did they taste??

  2. shir Says:

    U’re welcome. 🙂 and i love practical gifts …not those u place on the table and collect tt’s for that facial wash…tho i must face isn’t doing any better.

  3. tintedglasses Says:

    The taste of love is sweet… spicy, bitter, sour, tantalising all your sensory receptors and overwhelming all emotions.

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