Taking the plunge

Recently I have been thinking seriously about taking the plunge. We both want it to be a simple affair, but our idea of “simple” is obviously of varying standards.

My vision of the event includes all the necessary rites and a buffet lunch. But that is not simple enough for the man, whose ideal wedding would be one at the registry office.

Yesterday evening, while discussing how to go about organising it, we ended up having a tiff. “I really want something simple to get it over and done with. All the things you said we need to do seems really complicated,” he said.  

Tired of arguing, I went to bed. This morning, I found a note in my mailbox. “I am sorry for being so negative. I have come to realise one crucial fact: that the wedding is for you. Let’s proceed as you mentioned.”

I am thankful and touched that he finally come around to understanding the significance of the act to me and more importantly, to my family. I am overcome with relief. And I am grateful that he gave it deeper thought.

Because for a moment, I had wondered if I had made the right decision. Thanks for proving me wrong.

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2 Comments on “Taking the plunge”

  1. fefe Says:

    Why is my heart itching for that idea too?

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    It’s best to discuss the specifics asap. That’s when you realise how different your definition of “simple”. And wait till the parents join in the discussion.

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