No return or exchange

This morning, I had my head buried in work when Slimey sashayed to my desk and returned me a packet of green tea which I bought for her him when I came back from Laos in August.

“Can I return this to you? This has been sitting on my desk. Maybe you can find someone else who will have better use for it.”

I stared at him in disbelief. I don’t know anyone who returns gifts to people, and after so many months too. Even if he hated the gift, he could have just given it to somebody else or chuck it in the bin. Was it really polite or appropriate to return it after 4 months?

The way I read his behaviour? Well it is blatant proof that my October email to him about his work attitude had not gone down well at all. He is most certainly still bearing a grudge and manifesting it in a most childish way.

He has given me some stuff which I too have absolutely no use for, yet I don’t go knocking on his cubicle to return them, pretending I want to benefit other people who may in dire need of these items.

Why am I ranting away in here instead of telling him how I angry I feel? Well, I don’t think he is worth the effort. To think I am always giving him chances, bothering to be nice and polite, and I even prepared a little something for him this Christmas because we still need to work together.

I have just lost all the respect I have for him, however little I had to start.

He’s just worse than a girl.

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3 Comments on “No return or exchange”

  1. fefe Says:

    girl, i think no gender can define his identity and he’s therefore can’t be compared to any man nor woman….poor fella…

    Cool down….some people just need to make other people feeling worse in order to make themselves happier…the selfish lot…

  2. tsl Says:

    i seriously dun understand why on earth he did that. i mean, even if i hated someone, i wld have just dumped the present…but to return it, is like wah lau eh.

    xiao one lor.

  3. tintedglasses Says:

    Maybe he’s just too thick to realise what he’d done is rude. Actually I think this is quite likely.

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