Farewell, Su!

My mother rang me yesterday afternoon to tell me my helper, Su, had to leave Singapore today because Immigration wouldn’t grant her an extension to train her successor till next week. When I got home, she was packing and we said our goodbyes.

“Sorry if I did anything wrong in the past,” she said. That did it for me. I hugged her and we sobbed for some time. How could she think she had ever let us down?

Su was the longest-serving helper we had. She lived with us for 5 years, looking after Grandma and our every need. She never complained and was always so cheerful and hardworking. I’m sure she would have continued working her if not for parental pressure to return home to get married.

This morning, there wasn’t a single dry eye in the family. I went along to the airport to see her off.

I cried because I have no idea when I’d ever get to see her again. But I want the best for her. She wants to learn to use the computer and go to school again. I hope she gets to do that.

I cried because she gave us her best years, executing each task with dedication and treating us with genuineness.

I cried because I think she is part of our family.

“I will miss you very much,” I told her. “And anytime if you want to come back here, just write to us.”

Today, I am a very, very sad girl. 

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One Comment on “Farewell, Su!”

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