Playing with knives

I don’t really like being spoken to this way. Perhaps it was because of my comment.

But this person always makes me feel like an idiot. The words hurt. Bad. At that point, I was stunned, and it really felt like I was slapped across the face. For a good few seconds, my face dropped, I turned quiet, and I felt tears welling up.

Is there a need to be so sarcastic and forceful all the time? I think it is just a sad poor excuse for being a mean bastard. I really think I have a problem communicating with this person. I can’t adapt to the style this person prefers. Maybe I haven’t realised that I too have a nasty tongue, that’s why I get this treatment. Maybe I am just irritating.

Whatever it is, I shall make myself scarce. I have had quite enough. That’s the end for us. Go find somebody else to annoy.

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4 Comments on “Playing with knives”

  1. tsl Says:

    eh girl. u’noe what …i feel that the person matter too much to you, such that u always get affected by his/her comments.

    Since you know the person’s style of communication, perhaps its about knowing that what he/she says is not personal but just the way he/she puts it across?

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    This person should read up on verbal censorship. And I should read up on emotional blankness.

  3. tsl Says:

    actually u’noe what..i think next time that person say something that pisses u off..u should just tell him/her that u’d appreciate it if he/she don’t speak to u in that manner.

    I think that person wld also appreciate you telling him/her that to his/her face. :))

    anyway, chill yeh.

  4. fefe Says:

    Girl, you definitely are right to feel how you feel right now.

    And I totally agree with tsl..tell that person you would appreciate if she or he doesn’t speak to you in that manner.

    Again, if that person doesn’t get into your circle of friends, why would you even bother what she said right? No one should take friendship or kindness for granted, never a thing to do. Therefore, it is important to tell that person how you feel (without any encrypted language / description) so that will diminish misunderstandings. Sometimes we are just blinded…..

    And isn’t it sad or unfair for that person for being this subject when he or she doesn’t even realize what EXACTLY was going on? If one day I were to be in that person’s position with no one pointed it out to me, I would feel very lousy….or I might (very likely) to do the same thing again.


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