Hand in, or else…!

I’m processing module grades this term so quite a lot of time is spent on nagging and harassing students to turn in their work. On the surface, it may seem like students who don’t finish their work by the stated deadline are lazy or unbothered.

Well, I mean, try calling the same person umpteen times with him promising to do the work and it turns out that’s the last you hear from him. I’m sure you’ll feel pretty pissed off. Afterall, teachers have deadlines to meet too.

I was about to fail this student who seemed so indifferent and unaffected about his poor attendance or inability to keep promises. He ignored every single one of my calls. Finally today, he submitted his work.

Surprisingly, it was actually quite a good effort. His handwriting was neat and he was very specific with his answers, paying attention to details. I finally understood what he’s like when I saw what he’d written in one of the sections. “I’m neat in my work but I don’t like people to pressure me. I need to take my time in order to get my job done the best it can be.”

This is a boy who takes pride in what he does, a perfectionist who will not allow himself to produce shoddy work. And so, he takes his time. The perfectionist has no sense of urgency, and will ignore all pleas to hurry up. But I really think he needs to realise that even if he churns out a beautiful piece of work, but misses the boat, it may cost him success. The world cannot wait for him to finish up, however long he takes.

While I’m waiting for the last-minute students to finish up their work, I always look at them and wonder, what kind of families do they come from? What has made them who they are? What kind of problems do they face?

It’s terrible enough to be a teenager, let alone one who’s plagued with family and relationship worries. Sometimes I don’t really want to teach, but I want to sit down with every single one of them and just listen to their woes. I hope I can offer some kind of support and encouragement.

Afterall, how can anyone study properly when they are overwhelmed with problems? The last thing they need is to have someone hounding them and shoving sheets of assignment in their face, telling them to “faster finish or you’ll fail”.

Fail from what? Life has already failed them, so what difference does it make?

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2 Comments on “Hand in, or else…!”

  1. fefe Says:

    “Fail from what? life has already failed them.” Personally this is only the surface value coz when we scrutinize deeper, we might see it differently.

    Did life fail them? Or they choose to fail in life? Every circumstances in life will bring one either to success or failure. If one chooses to drown in sorrow and accept the “FACT” that life is unfair to them then they have failed themselves because before anything, they have already given up.

    It takes a lot of COURAGE and patience to go through life. As each day passes by, some will take it for granted while some wish they could have done more in a day. Attitudes about life is ultimately the deciding factor to make who we are, circumstances are not within our control but our actions are! So again, who failed what and what failed who?

    Good entry here!

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    Yup! So how do we make the kids realise what you’ve just said?

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