No offence

I enjoy teaching my class of Engineering boys. They have the poorest GPA grades, are so horribly naughty and noisy, and have no interest in studying. But they are so down-to-earth, so cheeky, so sweet. They are just boys who need some love and attention. I don’t try to stifle their style as long as they do my work.

Yesterday, a male teacher in his forties knocked on the door while I was teaching them. I stepped out to speak to him.

“Hi, I’m the functional head for discipline from the Engineering department. I noticed that some of the boys in your class are wearing caps. Are you from the Engineering department? We want staff to send out a consistent message that students cannot wear caps in school. Please tell them to remove the caps. They are not allowed to wear caps. I hope you don’t think that I’m trying to interfere in the way you run the class.”

Yeah I know. Amazing isn’t it? Some people are just so possessed and fantatical about the task being given to them.

And you know what? Don’t ever catch yourself saying “I hope you don’t feel offended…” or “I hope you don’t mind me saying….”, because you wouldn’t be saying it if you didn’t feel you were offensive.

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One Comment on “No offence”

  1. Syrope Says:

    My gosh, i do that sometimes too… and I do know i can be irritating then. Yeah, thanks much for the reminder… i have been a really bad girl. Must change, must change!

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