I was surprised to get a wedding invite from F, my ex-colleague from that horrible place I used to work in. I was touched that she still remembered me after all this while. I wanted to be there on her special day but dreaded having to rub shoulders with my two ex-bosses, T and O.  

Still, being there for F on her big day outweighed my disgust for the pair of them and I went along this afternoon. What the hell, I thought. For two years they really screwed up my mind and made me so fearful of them. But now, I was no longer within their control and I want them to know I can face them without being afraid.  

F’s auntie came to talk to us while we mingled around. Auntie was familiar with T’s weird antics because they used to work together in their younger years.

T was a lady who told me not to stick my teaspoon in my mug because it was an “old lady thing to do”. T fired someone because the poor bugger used mothballs in the office and T liked to ask me into her freezing office to remind me what I did wrong each month.

“Wow, I haven’t seen you for so long. You look very good, and very relaxed. And lost weight too I think,” T said when she saw me. I smiled my brightest smile. When meeting an ex-of-whatever-kind that you dislike, make sure you look damn good. And thank goodness I took the effort to do just that.

“She not working for you, of course not stressed. Now she’s very relaxed. Haha.” F’s auntie chirped. Woah, machik is good! Didn’t expect her to nicely slip that in. I smiled again. Bigger and brighter.

“How many months have you been with the College? Hey I need some graduates from your school. Any recommendations?” T was still trying her best.

“Months, er, been there for a year and a half now, and erm I can’t think of any names off my head.” Actually, I’d rather send them to the Middle Rocks than to work for her. At least down there they might have a chance to live!  

Though in my current job, many people complain about this terror we have in the office, I personally don’t think she is anything to worry about.

Because I have met the Devil.

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