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Getting prune-like

October 31, 2007

“Eh you have old arms,” Z said to me one day as we were walking along the corridor. Huh? What’s that supposed to mean? “You don’t use SKII on your arms right? They look old.” Oh dear. Nobody has said that to me before. I didn’t know it was possible to look young, but have erm, old arms? Recently I also noticed that my feet are getting quite wrinkly, so yesterday night, I started swabbing them with SKII. Argh. Growing old sucks.

Boy do you look good!

October 31, 2007

A few of us went to see EP and JL this week. I was really pleasantly surprised to see how motherhood has transformed JL. She looked absolutely fair and radiant, and even from a distance I observed that her skin became so smooth and supple.

Alright, she put on a few pounds because she has water retention, but boy, those maternal hormones are really doing a great job on her complexion. EP is whiny little one but with his large eyes, cute dimple and tanned skin, he will be the next Louis Koo.

Naturally dried fruit

October 27, 2007


When I was in R’s kitchen, he excitedly opened the fridge and took out a Fuji apple. Actually I had noticed that apple before, because it was hiding right at the back of the shelf, looking really wrinkled and miserable.

“Guess how long this apple has been in there!” I dare not imagine. A few months, maybe? You should really chuck it out you know. “No!!” came the vehement objection. “I bought this apple when we were in China last October. It’s more than a year now!”

Amazingly, apart from looking like it was in dire need of a 200ml bottle of SKII Treatment Essence for those deep lines, it was still quite rounded and rosy. I did not detect any foul smell or mushy rotting bits. I was really surprised that it still looked good after a year in the fridge.

“I’m going to keep it in there to see what will eventually happen to it.” R announced proudly after putting the apple back. This comes as no surprise, as we’re talking about a dude who microwaves his bananas and nearly blew up his garage in a science experiment gone wrong.

Yesterday, GK confessed that she once left apples and oranges in her fridge and could barely recognise what’s what when she finally remembered about them weeks later.

How many of you belong to this really bizarre Dried Fruit Club?

Heading for trouble

October 25, 2007


This morning, I woke up with a horrible throbbing migraine which worsened on my way to school. I felt weak, tired and nauseous. I dragged myself to class at 0830, pausing to apply a roll-on natural headache remedy every few minutes.

I hate migraine attacks. They really paralyse me with so much pain and discomfort that during those times I wish I was pretty well dead. GK was kind enough to give me a plastic bag to bring to class, just in case I wanted to vomit.

“Wah teacher, you look terrible leh, are you OK?” Thanks for asking but no, my head is going to split open anytime soon. “Teacher, if you sick ah, you should take MC you know. Don’t be so hard on yourself. If anything happens to you, then we die you know. We don’t want some relief teacher. We want the original. You should rest. Just go back lah. Then I can go and have breakfast.”

“No, I am not going to release you,” I said to them as I plonked my miserable self down on the teacher’s chair and took out my plastic bag. “I’m feeling really nauseous at the moment so if you don’t keep quiet and do your work, I will vomit on the floor, and you can all clean it up.”

I’ve never seen such efficient students till today.

Can you appreciate a pest?

October 24, 2007

Last Tuesday, my counselling class teacher gave us a piece of homework to do. It was to compliment someone whom we disliked to force us to see the good in them. Immediately, Slimey came to mind.

I had been meaning to tell him how I felt and this was just a great opportunity to do so. On T’s advice, I wrote him an email, to thank him for finally handing in his work on Monday.

I admire you for your creativity, wit and fresh ideas. However, I find it difficult not to get affected when you miss deadlines.

Our working styles are evidently different- I often want to get things over and done with, but I think you find you work better at the last minute.

However, I don’t think our differences should stop us from being an effective team. I just think we need to find a way to get around this problem.

Just let me know how we can work together without me being possessed by an uptight, grouchy monster during those times of the year.

Today, we bumped into each other on our way to class at the corridor and he acknowledged his shortcoming. “I know I’m not very good with deadlines. But at the end of the day I still deliver.” No, I don’t like that arrogant tone, but never mind. “I am sorry and I’ll try better next issue.” That sounds a lot more like it.

But will a leopard change its spots? Is he just playing the game or paying lip service? The truth will be out when we need to work together again.

All I know now is, it sure feels good to finally learn how to communicate my discontentment early enough rather than let resentment build the road to no return .

Got any of these in your workplace?

October 22, 2007

BLAMESTORMING: Sitting in a group discussing why a deadline was missed or a project failed and who was responsible.

SEAGULL MANAGER: A manager who flies in, makes a lot of noise and then leaves.

IDEA HAMSTER: People who always seem to have their idea generators running.

PRAIRIE DOGGING: When someone yells or drops something loudly in a cubicle, and people’s heads pop up over the walls to see what’s going on.

The Devil Got Cold Feet

October 21, 2007

No he didn’t deliver on time. He went home early too. And no I didn’t ask him why he was moving at a glacial pace. I just let my annoying niceness take control. My natural instinct of tolerating non-perfomers. “Alright, by Monday, you need to submit everything.”

And while I said this to him, I caught W giggling at her desk from the corner of my eye. She quickly sat down and hid behind the cubicle wall. Afterward she teased me, “So much for sarcastic remarks huh, I was waiting to see a good show!”

I’m such a pathetic loser!