Visitor in the village

R lives in a sleepy Welsh village. It is a very quiet place with plenty of sheep, cows and horses roaming about in open fields. Fragrant lavender growing in people’s gardens, oak trees in the woods, wild berries and nuts within reach as you went for walks.

He has recently bought a new house, which I am helping to put together. So far, we managed to paint one bedroom and assemble a futon and a double bed. 

Being in bed when the inter-city trains went past the tracks near the house was quite an experience. You could feel the house rattling as the trains zoomed by. I woke up repeatedly during the first night as my bed shuddered but as days got by I became used to the shaking.

I do enjoy the daily walks in the fields and making my own food during meal times. There are very limited choices for outdoor dining or entertainment for that matter, not unless you have a car. However, I am not sure if that’s such a bad thing since I do enjoy wholesome homecooked meals and peace and tranquility.

Now all this sounds very idyllic I know, but the most important question is, will a city girl like me, be able to manage having to live, not holiday, in the quiet countryside?

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2 Comments on “Visitor in the village”

  1. shirleen Says:

    i’m sure wif a job, friends, hobbies… u’d be just fine living in a quiet countryside. 🙂

  2. Shi Fu Says:

    Say Hi to Rahman for me… sure would love to me him.Have fun and try to let things remain ‘unconceived’

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