Enter the dragon

Today I woke up really early to see a Chinese physician at Marine Parade about my thyroid. I waited for about an hour and went home with two bags of herbs wrapped in thin pink paper.

I think he hit the nail on its head when he told me that I “worry too much” and “keep too many things to myself”. He said I must learn to let go and better manage my emotions.

It’s true. I often fret about things between R and I, and where our future might lead. I’m worried about family objections. I’m worried about what other might think. I’m worried if this could even work out. In addition, I worry about my students, about work, about how to meet deadlines.

My thyroid condition is just a manifestation of my inability to relax. But how can I relax and stop worrying?

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One Comment on “Enter the dragon”

  1. syrope Says:

    If you and R are happy, does it matter what others think of the both of you?
    If you worry about the students, don’t be. Teachers come and go, even the good and responsible ones.
    Life is not all about work.
    Am so glad you found someone you love.
    So whatcha waiting for?

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