Mighty Pen’s Club

Since I took over the Mighty Pen’s Club in the middle of the Student Seminar frenzy, I haven’t had time to see to the administrative details and also to get the Club running properly.

I’m so glad that last week, I finally found time to get everything done. I registered my members online and also saw that their writing assignments were well on track.

The kids and I didn’t meet for four weeks because I was in Laos. I knew that Peter Rabbit wouldn’t have organised anything for the kids while I was away. After all, he was the one who suggested lying low and hopefully “this Club would just die off”.

But the kids are amazingly enthusiastic so I think it’s unlikely that Peter Rabbit’s wish would be granted. The next newsletter is coming up and I’m busy trying to get it sorted.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a good turn-out at our Club’s meeting yesterday afternoon, with most students completing the articles I had commissioned them to do. I now have about 10 active members, something I am really proud of, because I started out with none.

You see, my predecessor left hastily for another job in the middle of the Club’s recruiting season. And Peter Rabbit has always been quite hands-off about this project, so much so that I have been tempted on many ocassions to ask him if he was still keen to be a part. But to minimise uneccessary contact with him, I didn’t.

The truth is, I have been doing this on my own since that episode. You know, when Peter Rabbit and I arrived 30 minutes late for our Club meeting and all the kids had left. After that, I didn’t bother involving Peter Rabbit anymore. I was quite happy running a solo show.

Unfortunately I do need an assistant, and I have voiced this out with Miss Tall when she expressed concern about the Club. “Peter Rabbit and I have very different working styles,” was as far as I got. I wanted her to know the real situation and get a committed person on board, but I didn’t want to get Peter Rabbit into trouble. Somehow, I didn’t know how to put it across.

If Peter Rabbit isn’t at all keen, then why doesn’t he ask to be removed from the Mighty Pen’s Club? I feel tired having to drag him around like a big burden who is slowing me down. I always feel bad asking him to do something, because he always behaves like I’m disturbing him and he has something else better to do. And he doesn’t keep to deadlines or read emails.

I desperately want to tell Ms Tall about what is going on, but I don’t want things to turn ugly. It’s really not to point fingers, but to find a better way of operating the business.

Should I just keep quiet, grit my teeth and go on?

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One Comment on “Mighty Pen’s Club”

  1. Syrope Says:

    Dearie go talk to the wabbit first. Maybe start with some lame opener like ‘would you like to help out with this…?’ then from there, observe his reaction and then go on hint like if he’s not that interested you will be happy to do it solo or that some other club (horticulture??) will be very happy if you can go over to help them instead…

    Don’t think you should go directly to Ms Tall when you haven’t talked to wabbit yet… protocol and although he’s not exactly a nice person, you are. So ask him for his opinion first.. take care babe!

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