Am I a lotus?

How do you maintain your integrity and sanity in a place with jaded people and where injustice thrives? In a place where people obtain what they do not deserve because others allow them to get away?

If I get into trouble just because I uphold what I believe, instead of following the norm, will it be worth it? If I kick up a big fuss because I find things unacceptable, am I then “uptight” and “unable to relax”?

If everyone around you was warped, how do you stay sane? If things around you were done wrongly, can you spot the difference and choose a different route?

My mother’s only wish for me as I was growing up was for me to be like the lotus flower, which emerges from a muddy pond to produce beautiful untainted petals. Will I be strong enough to resist the temptations? Will I have the strength to get through this?

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