More updates from Vientiane

I have quite a few pictures I’d been meaning to post so here they are:



The ladies in my class took me to a hidden stall to have Khao Piak or Thick Beehoon as we know it. It was really scrumptious especially with the fat beansprouts. I have also gotten used to the clever idea of seasoning your own food here. You add your preferred amount of lime juice, sugar, chilli flakes to the soup, and enjoy it with raw vegetables which you dip into shrimp pate (ka pi). Mmmmmm… Saap Lai!


Last week I got the class to do a presentation on traditional Lao food and I was impressed by their drawing and painting abilities! Here, a student demonstrates how to prepare papaya salad with the mortar and pestle.





I visited Hor Pra Keow, Wat Sisaket, That Luang (the golden stupa) and the Patuxay Monument with Mum when she was here. It was an enjoyable morning and I particularly enjoyed the time we spent in the Lao National Museum. The museum was very basic and old-fashioned but it was a great and fast way to get to know the history and culture of Laos.

I just returned from Luang Prabang, which I visited with Shir-leen and Kim over the weekend. It is a beautiful city with an old world charm, with magnificient old temples and a fantastic night market. I think we all liked it more than Vientiane, and I shall write a separate post to fill you in on the details of my adventures.

I am also planning to write about a very special night at my student’s house, where I gathered with some people from the class to have traditional home-cooked Lao food. It was a truly unique and authentic way of experiencing Lao living.

I have so much to write about but I have so little time! It’s my last week here, can you believe how fast time flies? I want to spend my last few days just soaking up the warmth of the people and the tranquility the city offers. Just enjoying and remembering the city rather than spending my time in front of my laptop.

I am definitely going to miss my Lao students when I return home, which I am dreading slightly because I will be back to face the rowdy kids. Not exactly something I am looking forward to after being treated so nicely over here.

Stay tuned for more updates.

P.S. Thanks Shir and Kim for coming to visit, and for giving me the chance to explore the wonderful old city. Also thank you for bringing me chicken nuggets and soya bean milk. Appreciate your thoughtfulness! See you back home!

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