A little homesick in my third week

After seeing my mother off at the airport yesterday morning, I spent my Sunday in bed. I felt quite tired, ennui and somewhat melancholic after she’d gone.

It was really comforting to have her around for a few days, as I felt more encouraged to venture out in the evenings for dinner and to explore more of the city. We went to visit the Hor Phra Keo temple, Wat Sisaket, Patuxay Monument and the Lao National Museum on Saturday morning.

In the afternoon, we visited the Morning Market, where she bought some souvenirs for her friends and colleagues. Souvenir choices are extremely limited in Laos. There aren’t any readily packed local snacks or unique knick-knacks to buy. We had a hard time looking around. Finally we settled on some handmade pouches sewn by Lao tribal women.

It was a truly warm feeling to have Mum share my big bed with me. I would sleep peacefully while she watched the Chinese programmes till she was tired and then climb into bed with me. She would nag me about my cough and force cough syrup down my throat. We would have breakfast together and then she would wave goodbye to me as I leave for work. She would be lazing about and messing up the room when I return from school.

When she left, the room became so neat and I was once again alone in the big bed, with only the turtle for warmth and company. I am starting to get a little homesick. Though I have been away on my own for some years, and people in Laos are by far the friendliest I have come across, I can’t help but still feel lonely sometimes. And I don’t really know the reason why.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t been able to properly conduct a conversation in English without me feeling exasperated. Maybe it’s because everything on TV is in Thai. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had Singaporean food for more than 2 weeks. Maybe it’s because I haven’t heard any Singlish for a long time. Maybe I’m just missing the way of life back home.

Truth to be told, I am starting to get a little tired of having rice noodles and raw vegetables for lunch everyday. Where’s my bak chor mee, chicken rice and nasi padang?  

Today I shock myself because I have been craving for – can you beat this – MCDONALD’S. I know I know. They exploit their workers, mistreat their chicken and make cancer-inducing foods . But I’m missing the smell of greasy fries and crispy nuggets in curry sauce I am prepared to part with a large sum of my US dollars. It’s insane.

But no, there are no fast food outlets, no coffee joints nor any signs of Western imperialism. And I thought I could deal with that. I thought I was more noble, and I was special. That I could live a life without the luxuries. But it turned out, much to my disgust, that I just a slave to modern capitalism.

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2 Comments on “A little homesick in my third week”

  1. soonlee Says:

    wei! hang in there k. u’ll be gorging nuggets in the blink of an eye. we’re waiting for u here!

  2. Eric Yam Says:

    Come back soon! 😉

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