Off to Laos!

I am all packed for Laos, but am down with an inflammed throat and slight fever. I think it’s because I’m too nervous. Even my period is late this month. I think I will try to stay in bed to rest this morning.

Some of my Student Seminar students who heard I’d be going away insisted on coming to see me off at the airport later on despite me telling them not to. They are really sweet kids, hopefully they won’t make me cry!

On Friday, my colleagues were thoughtful enough to suggest having a mini farewell session, but I didn’t really want to be the centre of attention, so we ended up just sitting in the staff room over tea.

And yesterday some other colleagues arranged to have lunch at the Rose Veranda at Shangri-La Hotel to celebrate Angie’s birthday and to wish me bon boyage. I received chocolates from Shir-leen and when I went to Soon Lee’s to meet the girls, Jean bought me more chocolates! Thanks ladies!


(Photos courtesy of Shir-leen)

I am really touched by everyone’s thoughtfulness and kind gestures. I never realised or expected I was so well-liked so the warmth and affection I received over the past week was truly overwhelming.

I really do appreciate all your well-wishes in person, through SMSes and phonecalls. Thanks to those who gave me encouragement and support when I was feeling apprehensive. And I am grateful to those who are keeping me in your prayers.

I will be getting a Lao SIM card and I believe I will have internet access in my room so I am sure keeping in touch will not be a problem. 

See everyone when I get home!

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3 Comments on “Off to Laos!”

  1. samakomlao Says:

    I wish you recover from your fever soon and welcome to Laos, my belove country.


  2. Roger Says:

    I know that you are very anxious about your trip,and no matter what anyone says you will remain apprehensive until you meet your students in Vientiane.
    Your friends are confident in your abilities, and we are positive that you will be able to reflect on your experiences at the end of your secondment with satisfaction.
    In the meantime,our thoughts are with you, as is our love.
    During your free time, Vientiane will afford you the opportunity to relax, and to enjoy a slower pace of life(which will be very good preparation for your trip to the UK backwater later in the year).
    This opportunity is a vote of confidence in your competence. Your class is lucky to have someone who is so conscientious and aware of her responsibilities to them.

  3. soonlee Says:

    hey, how are things? write us ok. luv, TKN

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