To my old man

Today is R’s birthday and I think I’ll take some time to pay tribute to this very special person who has been here long enough to see me blossom into a woman.

Our relationship is quite erm, unique. For a start, we spend a lot of time apart. This was OK for me initially, but in recent years I have found it to be very difficult. R is also considerably older than me, so I think both spend half the time wondering how we managed to come so far.

Despite all the odds against us, we get along, I would say, pretty well most of the time. Some people have not hesistated to ask me what exactly do we have in common and what do we talk about when we’re together. Those who know me a bit longer would know of our nasty fights and dramatic episodes.

I don’t know. Call me old or call him young, but amazingly we do share some same interests . Travelling, movies, trying new things, going new places, lazing about. Of course there are other things which one enjoys while the other finds boring. Though at times I feel he is an impatient, unreasonable chauvinist, I really do appreciate him and his quirky ways, and especially all the effort he has made recently.

For always offering me an fresh, alternative viewpoint on things, for sharing the same values, for loving animals, for being supportive, for realising we both need our own space, for being environmentally conscious, for not eating meat (something I’m trying to work at, really!), for appreciating the arts, for not caring two hoots about cars, for trying to be funny, for shifting my priorities, for trying, for being a trusty companion whom I can whine to and for loving me though I’m fat.

I’m really terrified about the future, R. Do help to allay my fears. Meanwhile, enjoy your special day.

With lots of love.

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