Su’s birthday


It was my helper Su’s 23rd birthday on Tuesday, so Mum and I bought her a pair of gold star ear studs. My aunt got her a portable radio and CD player. She spent the day out with her friends watching the latest Harry Potter movie in the cinema.

At night, we lit candles and tucked into a mini cream cake topped with strawberries. Su snapped many pictures excitedly.  

This was Su’s fifth year in Singapore. She hasn’t seen her family in three years and spent the prime of her life working in our flat, allowing us to concentrate on our jobs and having a comfortable home to return to.

Since Su would be leaving us after Chinese New Year next year, this would be the last time which we would be celebrating her birthday. That was also the reason why we tried our best to make it more memorable for her.

She put on the ear studs immediately, her hands brushing across the thin gold chain we had gotten her a year ago. She broke into a bright smile, while I was consumed by melancholy.

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2 Comments on “Su’s birthday”

  1. syrope Says:

    It’s hard to say goodbye to someone who had grown to become part of the family and had seen the best – and worst – of you.
    But she’ll be going back to her real family and you gotta be happy about that 🙂 And to think, all the money she had earned here will go into their building fund or to set up a mama shop etc. for a better life!

    I had a maid once who became very close to the family. We bought her Chinese workbooks and my mum will sit her down to teach her to read and write. We paid for her phonebills and bought her treats now and then. We were sad when she left and delighted when we receive calls from her now and then to update us about her life. She recently came back to Singapore from Sabah (cos she got married to a M’sian worker she met in Singapore during her off days, imagine that!) and brought her baby boy for us to see..

    What i am trying to say is Su and your family may be geographically apart in the near future but so long as the heart is still in the right place, you’ll never feel alone. 🙂

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    Thanks for sharing, syrope. I know when Su leaves, she will be part of my family’s fond memories for a long time to come.

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