Kudos to the Dim Sum Dollies!

I caught the theatre production, Dim Sum Dollies, at the Esplanade with my colleagues on Saturday. It was money well-spent as I had not laughed so hard for a long time.

This year, the DSD continued to entertain us with stories about Singapore, creatively using our cultures, scandals, news, languages, behaviours, mentalities and history to paint a tear-jerkingly funny self-portrait.

Fully sold out this season, DSD: The History of Singapore staged at an apt time since National Day’s just around the corner. The production was packed to the brim with Singaporean jokes delivered by iconic local characters. We let go of our usual inhibitions and sod all about being politically correct. Poking fun at ourselves was never this fun.

The end result was a stellar performance complete with witty dialogue and wicked humour, so beautifully delivered by the DSD and the ever talented Hossan Leong.

I loved every minute of it. And the best part? The only people on the planet who understood the humour and rocked in their chairs were Singaporeans.  

And last night, I was so proud to be one.

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2 Comments on “Kudos to the Dim Sum Dollies!”

  1. Syrope Says:

    I totally know what you mean! I was waving my mini Singapore flag so happily and it’s not even National Day yet.

    I love Emma 🙂

  2. shirleen Says:

    dian xin dian xin.

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