Life of a busy bee

Finally, I have some time to write an entry. I have been really busy since I got back from Hong Kong last Saturday.

It’s the start of a new term so I am cramming my brain with new names and faces, plus a new timetable.  I can’t believe that I have been teaching now for nearly 20 months. 

I always try to reflect on my own performance at the end of each lesson, to determine if it was up to mark. Recently I have been feeling quite inadequate because I am not a qualified teacher.

It’s like how you can be a self-taught swimmer and can swim freely in the river, but at the back of your mind, you can’t help but wonder if you would benefit more from going to proper swimming lessons.

There are many times where I think I lack the necessary skills to manage the kids, to get key messages across, to manage my moods, and to plan curriculum. That is why recently, I have been thinking seriously about getting properly certified as a teacher. I pray hard that hopefully I would get the opportunity to do so sometime next year. 

Other than worrying about my kids, I have also been busy with preparing for my Laos trip at the end of this month. I finished marking 37 test papers and have selected 20 government officials for the one-month long Foundational English course.

However, I am really getting the jitters and have been reading up on English Grammar. Again, this is when my insecurity about my teaching ability catches up with/on (which preposition? Argh!) me. I am starting to wonder if I had dug my own grave. Why did I volunteer to do this? What if they complained about my skills (lack of)?

Apart from fretting over this, I spent a few days working on one of my students’ speech for the Plain English Speaking Award (PESA) competition to be held next Monday. At the prelims a few Saturdays ago, Desmond outperformed some JC and Poly students to get into the finals.

I was really proud of his achievement, as it was a first for our college. In the finals, Desmond will be pitting against some excellent public speakers from the different tertiary institutions. Frankly, the chances of him winning are slim. Still, I do hope he tries his best and demonstrates to others that kids from our college can also be confident and eloquent.


 Desmond with Shir-leen and I at the PESA prelims at YMCA

Work aside, I am also trying to be a diligent student. I am taking an intensive two-week English/Chinese translation course starting this week, which requires me to be in class on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, and from 0900-1600 on weekends. I am just one module away from completing my diploma, which I started in March 2006.

I’m also trying to fit in visits to A&G Home on Wednesday evenings and Yoga lessons on Thursday nights. Until the next holidays in September, I doubt I would have time to have a decent rest. But I hope to be blessed with the strength and tenacity to perservere through this difficult period and to be able to focus on the good in everything I do.

Time now for a rare, quiet night in over a rented DVD with my Mum.

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