What would I do without Soon Lee

I always thought teachers had very limited things to wear. We are always on the go, so we can’t wear anything too delicate, too low-cut, too tight or restrictive, too casual, or too fanciful.


Sharon Cher of Soon Lee

I ended up buying a lot of practical pieces, i.e. boring basic cotton tops, until I approached the boss of Soon Lee for fashion advice. She was kind enough to dish out very useful tips for me in one of her blog entries, which I diligently took up.

dscf0097.jpg   dscf0098.jpg

My purchases at Soon Lee

If you are like me, a follower of mainstream fashion which is not too ‘mass’ and a fan of practical clothes with interesting details, then you will definitely like Soon Lee. This local fashion boutique which opened today at 56A Haji Lane, definitely offers you a refreshing shopping experience along the quaint little street.  

The walls along the wooden staircase leading up the the boutique at the top of a shophouse are decorated by hand-painted drawings of cute characters. This season, Soon Lee has a wonderful selection of clothes and accessories which are both very practical yet trendy. In just over an hour, I spent S$200.

dscf0108.jpg   dscf0109.jpg

I especially like the fitting room in this cute boutique, because it is located on a little loft. You go up the stairs, and are greeted by an interesting display of products on the side shelves before you arrive at the loft area, which has nice comfy sofas for waiting partners or friends.

If you are tired of all the fashion chains in massive malls, and would like to seek out some unique pieces, then head down to Haji Lane, where you would be thrilled by the interesting mix of shops and offerings.

Support our local entreprenuers!






Soon Lee is at 56A Haji Lane, open everyday till 8 pm.

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2 Comments on “What would I do without Soon Lee”

  1. Mel Says:

    That was a wonderful review of Soon Lee and I completely agree with you. Very affordable prices and great pieces, also such a comfy place to hang out away from the crowd in town.

  2. soon lee Says:

    love your post! (heh) i’m so sorry that i couldn’t spend time with you yesterday, it was like a carnival wasn’t it? Come by on a weekday k and we’ll have a good chat. and eh, nice pictures!

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